3-Pitch (Intermediate Boys)

The Intermediate Boys 3-Pitch season is played annually in September.

2016-17 Champions

  • Maroon Division: St. Brigid CES
  • Gold Division: Pere-Rene-de-Galinee
  • Blue Division: St. Anne CES (Kitchener) & Our Lady of Grace CES
  • Red Division: St. Luke CES
  • Green Division: St. Boniface CES

2015-16 Champions

  • Maroon Division: —
  • Gold Division: Pere-Rene-de-Galinee
  • Blue Division: St. Anne CES & St. Timothy CES
  • Red Division: Holy Rosary CES & St. Matthew CES
  • Green Division: St. Clement CES

2014-15 Champions

  • Maroon Division: St. Gabriel CES
  • Gold Division:  Blessed Mother Teresa CES
  • Blue Division: Canadian Martyrs CES
  • Red Division: St. Dominic CES
  • Green Division: Pool A: St. Teresa CES – Kitchener; Pool B: Our Lady of Lourdes CES

2013-14 Champions

  • Maroon Division: Pool A: St. Peter CES; Pool B: Christ The King CES
  • Gold Division:  Blessed Mother Teresa CES
  • Blue Division: St. Anne CES
  • Red Division: St. Luke CES
  • Green Division: Sir  Edgar Bauer CES